Monday, August 3, 2009

How the Carolina Panthers continue to kill me

Somehow, the Panthers managed to do jut about everything wrong during the off season. They never signed or even tried out more quarterbacks, but instead signed Jake Delhomme for millions of dollars and five more years of him taking the blame for throwing to the wrong team. They didn't get anyone to back up Steve Smith and the aging and no longer in his prime Muhsin Muhammad, and basically the entire offensive line is two injuries away from a total collapse.

Then there's the whole Julius Peppers debacle. He didn't want to play, and instead of letting a guy who says repeatedly that he doesn't want to play your defense go, you slap a franchise tag on him and screw your cap for the year? With the knowledge that we'll just have to go through this again next season?

This is going to be an ugly season. I'll be surprised if the Panthers manage to break even.

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