Saturday, July 18, 2009

Redskins retarded even in supplemental draft

So the NFL held it's annual supplemental draft, usually for underclassmen college players who didn't declare for the regular draft in time before they got booted for drugs or crimes or some dumb shit they did. I guess how it works is teams bid against each other, kinda like ebay, on how high they'll go for a player if they should want a player. Well, they did this the past week, and the only person taken was a kid from Kentucky named Jeremy Jarmon by the Redskins in the 3rd round. He was projected as maybe a 4th round pick next year by the way. The Redskins and I guess the Lions both wanted the dude, who left Kentucky because of weed smoking, and Dan Snyder wasted no time in moving on up to a 3rd round pick. This means next year there is no 3rd round pick. Jarmon is a project player type defensive end, considered a little slow to really excel in the pros, but maybe he will, ya dig? And since the Redskins don't have a lot of depth at defensive line (and none at offensive line... what's that saying about battles won in the trenches?), they threw away another pick (remember Jason Taylor?).
Oh well, to be honest, this team has caused me a lot of heartache in the past decade, so an overweight weed smoking black dude dropout from Kentucky should make for good training camp nonsense, especially considering the high wacky southern black dude quotient on this team (Fred Smoot, Clinton Portis, the formerly 400 pound Mike Williams). If we have nothing else, at least Joe Gibbs instilled a sense of characters allowed on this team, so even if it always ends up mediocre and middle of the pack, crazy fucking guys with half retarded tendencies will continue to make me want to have a jersey of them, and that stupid D.C. sports bog guy will have plenty of easy material. (Note: I like the D.C. sports bog thing, just the dude looks weird in his picture, kinda like a human penishead, but I think most internet dork people have that look. That's why you should never look for a picture of somebody you read on the internet that you like.)


Neil said...

I spent about 2.5 seconds talking myself into the Lions taking this dude and then when it didn't shake out that way I was disappointed for, like, half a second and then I was all wait a minute, what the fuck do I want that dude for, and then I laughed a little at the Redskins.

Raven Mack said...

well since shedding millen, you can at least say to yourself, "we are not owned by Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, or Al Davis, so at worst we are the 29th stupidest franchise in the NFL."