Friday, June 27, 2008

Who The Fuck Is Ready For Some Football?

I know Bill is ready for some goddamn football! The taste left in his mouth from losing the Super Bowl is akin to the taste in Kobe's mouth right about now (at least according to Shaq). Some people think it was karma that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl the way they did, I just think that the New York Giants had several favorable matchups and exploited that fact with their amazing pass rush.

The thing that makes the Super Bowl defeat even worse is that the Patriots season was bookended by a World Series Championship by the Red Sox and a 17th NBA World Championship by the Boston Celtics who were one of the worst teams in the NBA last season. Don't be discouraged, folks! Like Adidas, I mean Kevin Garnett said "Anything is possible"...including getting your ass kicked in the biggest game of the year.

Everyone's anxious to see how the Pats will rebound from losing so many veterans and stalwarts from the old squad. There are also curious to see if Jerod Mayo lives up to the high expectations that scouts, NFL insiders, experts and analysts have for him. Since our linebacking corps is aging faster than Solid Snake that's a serious concern.

I'm glad that Tom Brady had some time to kick back with Giselle and take in a few Celtics and Sox games while negotiating visitation with my seed and baby momma but I need to see this cats throwing again. Last season is gonna be impossible to top and to make it worse it ended with a loss to one of the Manning brothers! That's like Usher being outsold by Tito Jackson...Tom, how does Eli's ass taste? Not to put any pressure on you or anything but you guys haven't won it all in a while and your window to win is shrinking smaller with each passing season.

Training camp officially opens in three weeks and the first Patriots preseason game versus the Baltimore Ravens is just 41 days away. Check out my blog Poisonous Paragraphs in the meantime. I love the Patriots but if you're going to present yourself as the class of the NFL you're going to have to win another championship and have another great regular season. Of course, you already know that.


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