Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 Draft

I am terribly conflicted as a Redskins fan, because under the Dan Snyder reign of destruction over my franchise, I have come to expect the absolute worst at every turn. And leading up to this draft, they were certainly teasing fucking up like always (how many draft picks have we basically just handed over to the Broncos over the past ten years?) by suggesting they would trade TWO 1ST ROUND PICKS for stupid Chad Johnson. Now don't get me wrong, Johnson is amusing, but most likely more amusing from afar. I do not need him on the Redskins, but I was certain that would happen.
Amazingly it didn't. And even more amazing, on draft day itself, rather than take their 21st pick, they traded it for two 2nd round picks. And picked up two top wide receivers plus a tight end from USC (which means he'll underperform). And they snatched up Colt Brennan with a late round fuck-it pick, so if he ends up living up to June Jones' hype about his stupid run-n-gun ass, then great. And if not, he can hold down the extra clipboard behind Todd Collins for the next nine months.
All in all, they ended up having ten draft picks in this year's draft, which is a boatload for the Redskins. Usually they trade them all away and get like two dudes, one of whom ends up sucking, the other one gets injured. I still do not trust the Dan Snyder/Vinny Cerrato homosexual psychologically 69 two-headed braintrust for making decisions, including drafting decisions, but at least even with a Siamese retard running my team, it did fairly well this past weekend, meaning as I have come to expect it to act retarded, it at least acted like it was supposed to. Whether what it did amounts to anything or not is kinda irrelevant, because I'm just happy my retarded little monster didn't drool all over himself and make another embarrassing scene.


Harpo said...

Looks like the 2nd round tight end is already fucking up.

Raven Mack said...

i know and I had just decided to drink the Kool-Aid again