Monday, January 28, 2008

Poor Ron Meeks

Fan reaction to Dan Snyder's trying to shove shitty yes-man Jim Fassel into the coaching slot that should've been Gregg Williams was so hateful that he's balked now and prolonged his "search". Latest word is that Ron Meeks of the Colts is gonna get another look and shot at the job, which won't be officially decided until after the Super Bowl, so says Danny Boy Snyder. I find it sad how much emphasis is placed upon forcing black coaching candidates into positions like this, where Williams should've just had the job from the get-go, without having to worry about a Rooney rule, because it does qualified black candidates a disservice to go through interviews they will never get.
However, the fact that I suspect Danny Boy will throw us Redskins fans a curve and actually hire Ron Meeks, to show how multicultural and understanding he is (and also to quiet the complaints, because you can't complain about the rare sighting of a black NFL head coach, especially one who comes from a high branch of the proven Tony Dungy coaching tree) makes me feel bad for black coaching candidates of the future, especially considering such a hire would happen during Black History Month. The reason for this is there is absolutely no way, regardless of how great he is, Ron Meeks will succeed underneath the meddling half-assery that is Danny Boy Snyder and his backgammon buddy Vinny Cerrato. No way. Joe Gibbs was a hall-of-famer, and apparently had to use all his guile and interpersonal craftsmanship just to make Snyder appear not to be the fucking fruit he is for the past couple years. Ron Meeks would be doomed, regardless of how forward thinking his style of coaching may be.
And after a year or so of Ron Meeks looking like an half-incompetent fool and being thrown under the bus because of the dipshit more money than sense asshole he was working for, it won't be as easy for other can't miss black coaching candidates to actually getting anything more than a token interview in front of the old boy network. So if you are a fan of multiculturalism and wanting more minority coaches in the NFL, you should actually root against one being hired in Washington, as illogical as that sounds. Because it will only make black coaches look stupider.

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Ron said...

I really do feel sorry for the Redskins fans. Snyder has proven incapable of making any sound decisions on any level.